Solvent Base Printing Inks


Solvent Base Printing Inks in EMPI are classified to the following types:



Surface Printing
. High Specifications
. Recommended in Roto
. Recommended in Flexo
. Economical Grade
. Recommended in Roto
. Recommended in Flexo

Reverse Printing (Lamination)
. Recommended in Flexo
. High Concentrated Inks
. Low Drying
. Recommended in Roto
. Medium Concentrated Inks
. Fast Drying

Empi can provide Varnishes and Extender Varnishes for Rotogravure & Flexographic printing presses to improve the specifications of Printing inks or to dilute the highly concentrated inks in order to meet each press exact needs as below:
Extender Varnish
Over Print Varnish
Nitrocellulose Solutions
Varnish in different formulations to dilute concentrated inks to meet presses specific needs.
Varnish formula which is used for surface printing to improve gloss, scratch, & deep freeze resistance properties, as it is applicable for detergent bags, cartoons & labels.
NC solutions as intermediate products for coating industry.

Liquid colors with high-pigment contents highly dispersed with fine particle size which are used in coatings industry.