East Mediterranean for Printing Inks (empi) looks forward to being the first company for producing printing inks & its appliances in Jordan and Arab World with the whole commitment to the international quality standards in order to reach with its products to different countries worldwide.



East Mediterranean for Printing Inks in Jordan (empi) is always willing to produce an excellent variety of printing inks & its appliances for all substrates such as plastic, paper, carton, meta…etc. Additionally, gaining our clients satisfaction in Jordan and abroad through the implementation of the international quality standards and competitive prices. Moreover, empi aims to provide a healthy working environment based on a system of motivations for both staff & shareholders, long term partnership with our clients, the investment of trained human and financial resources in research & development to achieve the continuous growth through the following:-

To provide our employees with the suitable and comfortable environment which helps them in carrying out their mission and developing their abilities and skills.
To encourage creativity and excellence in the performance throughout a system of allowances, motivations, bonuses, training and skills development.
To build the team working spirit and firming up the good relations among our staff in the company, and take into consideration this participation as a part of the employee’s evaluation.
To establish the rule of commitment with the company targets, and to consolidate the employee’s aim in skills improvement.
To maintain our local community environment away from contamination within its human and materialistic values, and to promote this concept among our staff and to train them to reach this goal.
To participate with our local community official institutions, and do its role within social responsibility relying on materialistic abilities.